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Research portrait: Robin Rolfhamre

My research is rooted in Music Pedagogy, Early Music Performance Studies and Organology, with a special interest in perspectives related to friction, negotiations and cause and effect relationships. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary work, rhetoric, ethics and performativity.

Feel free to contact me for collaborations, contributions, guest-lecturing or any other research activities such as participation in research groups and projects. I will also consider formal and informal requests for supervising postgraduates. I am open to utilising technological solutions such as video-conferencing. In fact, I prefer them 😉

ORCID ID:; Web of Science Research ID: B-2146-2018; Follow me on Academia; Research Gate; or Humanities Commons: @robinrolfhamre

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(Note: As I am currently receiving quite a few e-mails every day, please allow me some time to respond. In more hectic periods, feel free to remind me with a new e-mail if you have not heard from me after a couple of weeks.)

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