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I am a lutenist and guitarist specialising in music from the Medieval to the Baroque period. I am approachable for performance requests.

My main activity is to record music related to my academic and art based research, but I also perform concerts. I have released solo albums, participated in films, held Master Classes and I have performed concerts in several European countries. You can see what instruments I use by visiting my Instrument collection.

I currently belong to the record label Ein Mangfaldig Kar. I am a Pyramid Historical Strings Artist and I play Lauri Niskanen instruments

Read more about my performance teaching philosophy

(Note: As I am currently receiving quite a few e-mails every day, please allow me some time to respond. In more hectic periods, feel free to remind me with a new e-mail if you have not heard from me after a couple of weeks.)

I teach in the following educational programmes:

My recordings:

Quatre pièces brèves (EMK, 2021)
Modern and post-modern music
Classical guitar
Contributors: Robin Rolfhamre
Listen here
Cantigas de Santa Maria, Alfonso X (1221–1284) (EMK, 2016)
Medieval music
Oud, Baglama, psaltery, percussion
Contributors: Robin Rolfhamre
Watch YouTube-sample
Baroque lute music (EMK/RhProd, 2010)
Baroque music
11 string classical guitar
Contributor: Robin Rolfhamre
Watch YouTube-sample
Renaissance and lute duets and solos (FSP, 2019)
Rennaisance music
Rennaisance lutes
Contributors: Per Kjetil Farstad, Robin Rolfhamre
CD (limited edition)/online
Watch YouTube-sample
Io e lei (EMK, 2015)
Baroque music, new compositions and improvisations
Baroque guitar, colascione, violin, voice
Contributors: Robin Rolfhamre, Therese Winther Hagir, Roy Eriksen
Watch YouTube-sample
Ego sum (EMK, 2017)
Baroque music, new compositions
Baroque guitar, chitarra battente, colascione, percussion
Contributors: Robin Rolfhamre
Watch YouTube-sample
Robot pop (Distrokid, 2014)
New electro pop compositions
Contributor: Robin Rolfhamre

I also participate on the following recordings and films:

Svartedauen (NRK, 2017)
TV-documentary on the Norwegian Plague
My contribution: Performing court musician
TV-documentary (NRK)
Watch on NRK web TV here
From Norway (EMK, 2012)
The Norwegian Flute Ensemble
New compositions
My contribution: Conductor
Hello Land! (The state51 Conspiracy Ltd., 2012)
The Guillemots
New Indie rock compositions
My contribution: Conductor

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