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Informed Play: Approaching a Concept and Biology of Tone Production on Early Modern Lute Instruments — Rolfhamre 2018
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Open Access
(Early Music Performance, Music Pedagogy, Organology
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The popular lute: an investigation of the function and performance of music in France between 1650 and 1700 (PhD) University of Agder — Rolfhamre 2014
Open Access
(Early Music Performance Studies, Organology)

Articles (peer-reviewed)

Through the Eyes of an Entangled Teacher: When Classical Musical Instrument Performance Tuition in Higher Education is Subject to Quality Assurance — Rolfhamre 2020
Open Access
(Music Pedagogy)
‘‘Caprice de chaconne’ (1671): Symmetry and proportions in Francesco Corbetta’s work for Baroque guitar — Rolfhamre 2018
Open Access
(Early Music Performance Studies)
The language of Early Music performance: a proposition on how to connect words and instrumental music — Rolfhamre 2017
(Early Music Performance Studies, Music Pedagogy)
Embellishing lute music: Using the Renaissance Italian passaggi practice as a model and pedagogical tool for an increased improvisation vocabulary in the Baroque style — Rolfhamre 2016
Open Access
(Early Music Performance Studies, Music Pedagogy)
Dissecting transformation: towards a biology of recorded lute sound — Rolfhamre 2014
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Compact Disc(losure): Some Thoughts on the Synthesis of Recording Technology and Baroque Lute Music Research — Rolfhamre 2013
Open Access
(Organology, Early Music Performance Studies)