For My Students

Access the online tuition at the University of Agder


Access the Master’s Degree online tuition at the Department for Classical Music and Music Education at

This tuition is developed through the SERVICE-project for the Master’s Degree in Music Performance, Western Classical Music.

My philosophy as your supervisor

You have started to follow a path to pursue either a Master’s Degree or a PhD. To me, having a Master’s Degree or a PhD is a responsibility and it means that you are expected to have a certain set of skills and that you are ready to lead an artistic, academic and international career.

My job is to mentor and support you during the transition from a Bachelor’s Degree to a Master’s Degree, and later from a Master’s Degree to the position where you, after being awarded the title, can fulfil the expectations that a PhD presents.

My supervision goes through four stages with various levels of support and instruction. I shift stage according to the need of each individual candidate at any given time:

Support: High

3. Coaching

2. Training


4. Delegation

1. Direction

Instruction: Low


You will be given the opportunity to prepare for a professional career as a scholar through relevant themes that a Master- or PhD student, or artistic research fellow, must consider in today’s academic market. Topics include, for example:

  • Writing the thesis/dissertation
  • For PhDs: preparing the public defense
  • Scientific articles and feature stories (Nor: Kronikk)
  • Writing applications for funding
  • Presentations (both academic and popular)
  • Networking
  • Administration and organisation

My supervision activities can include:

  • One-to-one supervision (incl. physical meetings, e-mails, Skype, video)
  • One-to-one discussions (e.g. during walks and/or lunch)
  • Tasks such as giving lectures or supervision, one-to-one or in group
  • Research presentations and seminar- and conference activities
  • Private courses on relevant themes (e.g. ICT, technology in education, research funding applications, impact and research administration)
IMPORTANT: When requesting supervision you must send me a draft of your writing or a sketch outlining what you need supervision on.
From that draft, we can decide what sort of feedback is most appropriate (physical, video or email).
This will also improve the supervision you get as I am given the opportunity to prepare.